Melissa White is a psychic medium and spiritual teacher

As a child, she always felt deeply connected to the angelic and spirit realms but often was confused as to how to express what she saw, felt and knew. It wasn’t until a near death experience one week after giving birth to her son, that she began to truly embrace and start to understand her psychic power.

She was 23 years old with a new born baby and a ruptured appendix. No one was taking her seriously. The doctors had told her the pain could be due to labour issues or an infection of some kind but Melissa knew in her heart, she was close to death.

Spirit manifested in an undeniable manner and thankfully Melissa underwent exploratory surgery just in time. Doctors reported after the surgery that she would not have survived another 24 hours had they not operated when they did.

This event was a turning point that would change and shape Melissa’s world. She knew from that moment forward she was going to make the absolute most of her life and that she would not question her connection to Spirit, God or her own soul ever again.

To develop and hone her skills, Melissa has taken several courses. She has completed extensive mentorship with British psychic medium and teacher, Tony Stockwell. Throughout this training, Melissa has worked tirelessly to enhance and strengthen all of her psychic faculties while increasing her connection and bond with the world of spirit.

Melissa is also part of “Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics” which is a select group of double tested and validated psychics proven to be valid and ethical in their work. Melissa is certified as an angel card reader by Doreen Virtue and is also certified by Linda Howe as a reader of the Akashic Records.

Melissa firmly believes in the importance and value of continual learning and enjoys being a student of the Universe as well as a teacher. The journey is infinite!